Creating A State Candidate Campaign Logo

Your campaign logo is the linchpin of your election campaign’s branding efforts. It’s what appears on yard signs, brochures, direct mailings and your other campaign advertising. It’s an important design element – and it needs to be good!
Poor design will often prevent people from taking a candidate seriously. A good logo is simple and includes only the important elements, such as the candidate’s name and the elected state office that they seek. Political logos tend to be one or two solid colors, without shading or blending. A logo with too many colors and busy elements can be hard to read and may confuse voters.
Copying an existing state representative or state senator logo in its entirely is a bad idea. It can raise accusations of plagiarism and become an unnecessary distraction. Even though many political logo designs tend to have similar elements, be sure that you do not borrow your look from your opponent or anyone else who is running locally.
State Candidate Logo Design Tips